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    KONE Office Flow

    User roles and key terminology

    User roles

    User roles affect the features available to different users.

    A KONE Office Flow building consists of the following main user types:

    • People working in the building
    • People visiting the building
    • People administering the building

    Key terminology

    To use KONE Office Flow optimally, it is important to understand a few key terms.

    Access control
    Restricts or allows access to parts of the building.

    Destination control
    Allows passengers to select their destination floor before entering an elevator. Groups passengers going to the same floor to the same elevator, thus reducing total travel time and over-crowding.

    Destination floor
    The floor you are currently going to.

    Direct elevator call
    An automatic and instant elevator call to your home floor without manual floor selection, triggered by short swiping your access card.

    Home floor
    The floor you visit most often, programmed to your access profile. Allows direct elevator call.

    Long swipe (more than one second)
    Act of holding your access card more than one second on the access reader. Brings up a personalized menu or advanced features for making selections on the device.

    Short swipe
    Act of showing your access card less than one second to the access reader.

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