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    KONE Flow Manager for Elevator Call


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    KONE Flow Manager for Elevator Call

    Onboard multiple main users

    You can onboard multiple main users to multiple facilities by using an Excel sheet.
    • 1.
      Log in to KONE Flow Manager.
    • 2.
      Click to select the FACILITIES tab.
    • 3.
    • 4.
      Click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE and save the file locally.
      KONE Flow Manager exports an Excel file with a list of all facilities, without main user information.
    • 5.
      Open the exported Excel file.
      • i
        Note: Do not close KONE Flow manager and do not change the name of the Excel file.
        The Excel file contains the following columns:
        • Facility - prefilled facility name
        • Number - prefilled facility number if available
        • Block - prefilled block number if available
        • Name - main user's name (last name only, automatically used as the name displayed on the intercom)
        • Email - main user's email address
        • Country code - the country code of the main user's phone number, including the plus sign (+), for example, Finland: +358
        • Phone number - main user's phone number
    • 6.
      Fill in all columns related to the main user.
    • 7.
      Save the Excel file. Do not change the Excel document name.
    • 8.
      Click IMPORT in KONE Flow Manager.
    • 9.
      Select the Excel file you completed and click OPEN to start the import.
      KONE Flow Manager validates the imported data.
    • 10.
      Click OK to complete the import.

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