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    KONE Information 300


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    KONE Information 300

    Add and manage Message

    The Message app allows you to upload customizable messages to show on your screens. You can create multiple messages that alternate on your screens.
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      Note: If you have KONE Residential Flow in your building, you can send the same messages to your KONE Flow mobile application users.
    Before these procedures, select a display group and enable the app. For more information, see KONE Content Manager and Enable apps.
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      Click Add Message to create a new message.
      The Edit screen displays.
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      Use the Edit screen to write and customize the layout of your message.
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        Note: The Sender and Message title fields are mandatory and display on your screens along with the message.
        The message can contain email and Internet links that render as hyperlinks for KONE Flow users.
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      Click Save.
      The display group selection and scheduling window displays.
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      Select the display group(s) where to publish the message.
      If you do not select any group, the message does not display anywhere, but is stored in your message library for later use.
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      Click Save Changes to publish the message.
      The message displays on the building and elevator screens, but is not yet sent to KONE Flow users.
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      Click My Messages to see the messages associated with a single display group.
      You can click the display group icon per message to set the message on or off.
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        Tip: If you do not see your message, click Message / <name of display group> -> Library to display all messages in your library. Messages that are not associated with any display or mobile group are only visible in the library list.
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      If you have KONE Residential Flow, you can send the same message also to KONE Flow users.
      • Click the mobile group icon per message to send the message to your KONE Flow users.
        The Message Group selection window displays.
      • Select the mobile message group(s) where you want to send the message.
      • Click Save.
        The KONE Flow users associated with the display group receive the message.
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        Note: Unselecting any mobile message group(s) removes already sent messages from the associated KONE Flow users.
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      Click the trashcan icon to delete old messages.
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        Note: Deleting removes the message also from KONE Flow users. If you modify a message, the old message disappears from KONE Flow users.
        They receive the modified message as a new message.
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