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    KONE Information 300

    Filter social media posts

    The following social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) filters are available:
    • Manual approval
    • Auto filtering
    • 1
      Click Settings in the feed that you want to filter.
    • 2
      Set the filters according to your preference.
      The following sections describe how the filters operate.

    Pre-Approval: manual approval

    You must manually pre-approve each post before it displays on the screen.
    When Pre-Approval is on, a Needs Approval column displays in your social posts view. For each post, select either to:
    • Approve
    • Deny
    • Delete the post and ban the user
    • i
      Note: Manual Pre-Approval prevents live updating of your social media posts.

    Pre-Approval: auto approval

    Posts from your connected account skip the approval queue and display on your screen in real time.
    You must still manually approve any posts from outside users.

    Profanity Filters: auto filtering

    The profanity filter automatically scans users' posts or comments as they are submitted and automatically changes or censors particular words or phrases.
    Choose from the following levels:
    • Strict
      Filters all obscenities and negative sentiment. This is a family-friendly setting.
    • Medium filtering
      Filters extreme obscenities such as racial slurs only, allowing mild expletives to display. This setting is suitable for an adult audience.
    • Off
      This option turns off all automatic filtering, allowing all content to display in real-time on the screen. KONE does not recommend turning off all automatic filtering.
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