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    KONE Information 300


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    KONE Information 300

    Add Twitter feed

    The Twitter app displays a live feed of tweets from either a Twitter account, Twitter hashtag, or both. The Twitter app uses hashtags or user accounts to pull posts into your feed. For example, if you add the Twitter hashtag "#kone", all tweets that include that hashtag display in your feed. New posts display almost instantly. Only public posts display on the feed. Posts form private profiles do not display in the feed.

    The Twitter feed displays up to 50 most recent tweets. The Twitter app only pull items from the past seven days, removing previous posts.

    Before this procedure, select a display group and enable the app. For more information, see KONE Content Manager and Enable apps.

    • 1.
      Enter the username of the Twitter account into Add Accounts field.
    • 2.
      Click Add.
    • 3.
      Enter a hashtag into the Add Hashtags field.
    • 4.
      Click Add.
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