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    KONE Flow Mobile App for Residential Flow


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    KONE Flow Mobile App for Residential Flow

    I have trouble receiving video intercom calls on KONE Flow app

    Please ensure that your smartphone has access to internet and the Intercom function in KONE Flow Notification settings is enabled, and you have a nameplate in the intercom. You can test your internet connection by connecting to a website with a browser on your smartphone. Please refer to Receive video call from intercom, Activate and manage intercom calls and nameplates and Enable or disable intercom calls. If the issue persists, please contact your administrator.

    Do not forcibly close the KONE Flow app on your phone. If the app is not running in the background, you may encounter issues such as video calls without picture or door opening button.

    Some Android smartphones use battery saving methods and other application specific settings that make KONE Flow unresponsive for door opening, video calls, and similar features.

    Android versions 10 and newer have a feature called Adaptive notifications. Adaptive notifications tries to learn notification interaction patterns of the user and shows only notifications that it deems important at any point of time. Adaptive notifications is turned on by default. This could mean that video calls are missed, because notification of an incoming call is delayed and shown either for a short time or not at all. Even if you have not had issues with video calls, we suggest that you to turn Adaptive notifications off to avoid issues in the future. Please note that future Android operating system and application updates may revert this setting back to on, depending on the device model. In this case the setting needs to be turned off again by the user. In Android 12 and newer this feature is known as Enhanced notifications.

    Samsung One UI 3.0 and newer might cause the answer button to be hidden in incoming call notifications, disabling Brief Notifications for KONE Flow fixes the issue. 

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      Note: On some smartphones, low battery level can limit receiving intercom calls. The user cannot always adjust smartphone-specific battery optimization.

    For more information on how to optimize Android settings, refer to Optimize Android settings.

    Similarly, some VPN services block video calls. To enable video calls, turn off your VPN connection. Also, some mobile operators are known to block the SIP protocol, which blocks video calls. To enable video calls, contact your operator or service provider to unblock the SIP protocol, switch contract or provider.

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